‘Fully funded’: Quezon City’s ‘The Market’ sparks buzz online

August 4, 2022 - 5:09 PM
Composite photos of the construction of an establishment called "The Market" in Project 4 in Quezon City uploaded on August 2, 2022 (Facebook/Yes na Yes Kay Allan Reyes)

Photos of the construction of a crowd-funded marketplace in a district in Quezon City drew some buzz on Facebook.

In a Facebook post, former Rep. Allan Reyes (District III, Quezon City) announced that a new establishment, dubbed “The Market,” is set to open in Project 4, Quezon City in October this year.

Photos of its construction also accompanied the post.

“’The Market’ at Project 4 is a FULLY FUNDED project from start to its completion. The project will be completed by October 2022 from the funds of Cong. Allan Reyes during his term,” the post reads.

The page’s handler also credited the district’s residents whose taxes financed the entire project.

“Furthermore, we’d like to remind everyone that although this project was led by Cong. Allan Reyes, it is not his. It is by the people of District 3. The project is the fruit of the taxes paid by these people, which makes them a huge part of the project’s success,” the post reads.

“Accomplishing all his projects for the third district has been an absolute goal for Cong. Allan Reyes,” it added.

Reyes also posted and announced the construction of “The Market” on his Facebook account.

“Truth to be told about the ‘Market at Project 4’ this is a FULLY-FUNDED PROJECT Phase 1-4 (beginning till completion). The project will be completed by October 2022 from the funds of my office during my term as the Congressman of the 3rd District of Quezon City,” he said.

The former lawmaker described this as a “legacy infrastructure project.”

“This LEGACY INFRASTRUCTURE PROJECT was designed, built and of course fully-funded during my term as your congressman,” he said.

Reyes further said on his post: “Mahal ko po ang ating distrito kaya ganyan ang aking mga proyekto para sa inyo.”

In the comments section, district residents thanked the former solon for the project Reyes had left behind for them.

Based on the photos, the establishment will have different halls or areas for stalls and shops.

There will also be open spaces for visitors to roam around.

Not many details were provided yet about the stores and amenities that will open at the site as of writing.