‘BamBam Aquino’: GOT7 BamBam’s tweet on Manila traffic got Pinoys confused

July 29, 2022 - 5:51 PM
The composite photo shows former senator Bam Aquino and GOT7's BamBam. (Bam Aquino/Twitter; Leira Aquino/Interaksyon)

“BamBam Aquino” jokes flooded social media platforms after some Filipinos mistook former senator Bam Aquino as K-pop idol BamBam of GOT7.

BamBam, who held his fansign event at Ayala Malls Manila Bay on Thursday, July 28, 2022,  tweeted before his press conference that he was on his way to the venue, citing Manila traffic as the reason for being slightly late.

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Some social media users, however, were confused and thought the K-pop idol was Bam Aquino.

The former senator responded to the comments on his Twitter account and even shared a fun fact about his childhood nickname.

“Ang kulit! Fun fact: Ang tawag po talaga sa akin noong bata ako ay Bambam At sa QC ako na-traffic ngayong araw ,” Bam tweeted

He also shared an edit of K-pop idol BamBam’s face placed on the body of the former senator wearing his signature yellow shirt. 

“Ayan para di sila malito na!” he wrote with a laughing emoji.  

Ayan para di sila malito na! 😂

(ctto) pic.twitter.com/5fl9OzZ41p

— Bam Aquino (@bamaquino) July 29, 2022

Filipinos on social media, meanwhile, were quick to create witty jokes about the incident.

“Okie lang yan former senator BamBam Aquino. According to Waze, you’ve GOT7 hours left before you arrive to your destination,” a user tweeted

“Come and get it, got 7! annyeong haseyo bambam aquino imnida,” another one joked.

“Hi i’m listening to “Slow Mo” by Bambam Aquino,a Filipino wrote on Twitter. 

BamBam successfully held his two separate fansigning events in Cebu and Manila this week. He is also set to be part of the  “2022 K-pop Masterz’ concert on Friday, July 29 with GOT7’s Jackson and TREASURE. 

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