Chickenjoy with a twist: Foodbeast creates pizza version of Jollibee’s signature chicken

June 23, 2022 - 2:40 PM
Screenshots of the Jollibee Chickenjoy Pizza from Foodbeast (Facebook/Foodbeast)

A foreign food vlogger turned Jollibee’s signature chicken into pizza.

Foodbeast, a food and beverage platform, last June 16 released a video that showed one of its members recreating a pizza version of Jollibee’s Chickenjoy.

“Jollibee Chickenjoy Pizza!” the video’s caption reads.

The video showed a simple recipe to create a small pizza out of Jollibee’s iconic meal.

The pieces of chicken were first sliced into small strips. The gravy was also poured over the dough. The strips were later placed over the dough, along with other toppings.

Afterwhich, it was baked for a few minutes. The video did not indicate the waiting time.

After baking, additional toppings were drizzled over the small pizza.

For a Chickenjoy feel, a slice of the pizza was dipped into a cup of gravy.

The vlogger also shared that this recipe for Jollibee Chickenjoy Pizza came about during a small gathering with his colleagues before the pandemic.

“Fellow Foodbeast Kitchen League judge Chris had a brilliant idea to throw a pizza party at his place. He said, ‘Come through, bring some ingredients for toppings. The weirder, the better,’” the vlogger said in the video.

“So what do I do? I came through with some Jollibe Chickenjoy and we made pizzas,” he added.

The video soon blew up on Facebook. It has since received 3,400 reactions, 88 comments and 1.4 million views.

According to its website, Jollibee has 1,300 stores across the globe, including 70 branches in North America.

Not even the COVID-19 pandemic stopped the brand from expanding overseas.

In August 2021, the fast-food giant made headlines after its flagship store in Spain.

It is part of the company’s 50-store expansion plan across Europe.

Jollibee’s arrival in Spain was seen as a form of reverse colonization by local social media.

Spain ruled the Philippines for more than 300 years starting in the 1520s.

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