#SorryBamBam: Pinoy fans apologize after simping over BamBam’s backup dancer

August 2, 2022 - 12:56 PM
BamBam posted a photo with his backup dancer Kang Sukgoo. (BamBam/Twitter)

Fans cannot help but simp over BamBam’s backup dancer Kang Sukgoo during the “2022 K-pop Masterz in Manila” concert last July 29 at the SM Mall of Asia Arena. 

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Many fancams of Kang Sukgoo circulated on social media over the weekend after the concert. 

Because of this, BamBam hilariously replied to a Filipino fan with a “Welcome Home Cheater meme.”

Following the exchange of messages with his fans, the GOT7 member posted a photo with Kang Sukgoo jokingly saying he would let him rest for three months before he steals his fandom. 

Filipino fans immediately apologized to BamBam for obsessing over his backup dancer. 

“We’re sorry bammie. We were just messing around with you, so stop being jealous. There’s no reason for Aghases to leave such wonderful sunshine like you. Keep your smile, please, and don’t get mad na,” a fan said.

“Sorry BamBam, you’re still number 1 on our heart!” another online user wrote with a hand heart and Philippine flag emoji. 

“You are still number one in our hearts @BamBam1A please don’t be mad anymore. Go tweet something and let us know if you’re okay already! Now we know how jealous you are. Thank you for loving us!” another online user wrote.

“Hi @BamBam1A we’re sorry for looking at your dancer hehe we’re just amazed at how good he danced & look 🫢 we’ll not be looking at him anymore, we’ll be just 🫣 “an online user tweeted

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