‘Ready for takeoff’: Photo of mallgoers in raised massage chairs go viral

July 18, 2022 - 6:14 PM
Photo created by freepik.com

Ready for takeoff?

A picture of mallgoers simultaneously positioned in a lying position on raised vending massage chairs went viral on social media.

The image first appeared in a forum at phcorner.net last June 13.

It was uploaded by a user named “Secre Lumier” with the title: “Sandal nang maayos lalarga na ang Spaceship.”

The picture has since made its way to Twitter and Facebook, garnering viral status.

One of those who reposted it was Facebook user Edrick John Caido who wrote the following as caption: “Filipino Astronauts ready for take off. Godspeed mga kabayan. #ctto”

It has earned a whopping number of 27,000 pure laughing reactions, 2,800 comments and 18,000 shares so far.

The image was likened to the visuals of astronauts in a take-off position before they venture into space.

According to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, the space shuttle’s nose is faced skyward whenever it launches.

This makes astronauts climb into their seats since they are tilted at a 90 degrees angle.

An image of this can be seen on NASA’s website.

Meanwhile, vending massage chairs are usually spotted in shopping malls. They can also be seen in supermarkets, hotels and arcades.

An individual needs to insert coins to make the massage chair work.

Massage chairs use vibration motors with a weighted wheel or gear. It creates a vibration when it spins, providing a massage to the muscles.

Other chairs have rollers that move in patterns within the chair’s frame. The rollers are designed to simulate the movement of human hands on different muscles.