Health workers relate to Nurse Even’s version of ‘Ako nga pala’ trend on Facebook

January 20, 2022 - 7:49 PM
A photo of John Steven Soriano, known as “Nurse Even” on social media. (Nurse Even/Facebook)

“Hi, ako nga pala yung sinigawan mo.”

Social media personality  John Steven Soriano, known as “Nurse Even,” expressed this in a post as he joined the antics of other bloggers following the posts of former couple Alodia Gosiengfiao and Wil Dasovich.

Alodia previously shared a photo of her wearing a stunning gold gown with the cryptic caption: “Hi. Ako nga pala yung sinayang mo.”

The post immediately blew up on Facebook. Her followers also speculated her caption was alluding to Wil.

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Wil later posted a photo of himself wearing an apron and holding a rice cooker, poking fun at Alodia’s previous post.

The caption reads: “Hi. Ako nga pala yung sinaing mo.”

Some of their colleagues in the industry followed suit in jest with their witty captions.

Nurse Even, meanwhile, shared a more relatable version.

In a post on January 17, the United Kingdom-based health worker posted a photo of himself wearing a pained expression on his face.

He captioned it with: “Hi, ako nga pala yung sinigawan mo.”

His post immediately took off with 143,000 reactions, 2,700 comments and 3,400 shares.

Most of the reactions were laugh emojis.

While the post was uploaded for fun, other health workers couldn’t help but share their own rants and stories about their work in the comments section as they ride the trend.

“Hi! Ako nga pala inabsenant mo sa duty, kaya endorse to self na lang. 16 hours pa more,” a health worker said.

“Hi, ako nga pala yung may dala ng swab kit at naka full PPE na sinayang mo kasi ayaw mong magpa swab dahil dika nakapag linis ng ilong and dahil overdramatic ka masyado na kalikutin yung ilong mo,” another health worker  commented.

“Hi, ako nga pala yung sinigawan mo ba’t ang tagal mag-rounds ni Doc. Ako nga din pala yung minamadali mo kasi ang tagal ng bill mo. Ako din pala yung sinabihan mo na ‘DAPAT ISANG TUSOK LANG’ kasi ayaw mong masaktan, a fellow nurse said.

Some health workers even shared photos of themselves while on duty.

Nurse Even’s post also reached Wil who left laugh emojis under the comments section.

Screenshot of Wil Dasovich’s comment captured on 20 January 2022

On the same day, Wil thanked his fans for their creative and humorous memes and photos to make light of his situation with Alodia.

Wil posted this statement on Instagram. He also did not mention his former girlfriend’s name in the post.

“With the switching of 1 letter from a caption, people instantly stopped trying to push a fake narrative and decided to get creative by making a joke out of the entire situation – in a good way! What looked like another round of fabricated relationship drama turned into a viral meme that made millions of people laugh,” Wil said.