Young artist inspired by Heart Evangelista showcases hand-painted gowns

April 4, 2019 - 2:44 PM
Hand painted gown by Tisha
A gown personally hand-painted by Tisha Chavez. (Twitter/Iouistylinsmol)

A young artist who was inspired by Heart Evangelista’s hand-painted fashion pieces showcased some of the gowns she personally customized on Twitter.

Twitter user Tisha Rose Chavez shared the gowns she made with her own designs that were hand-painted in an attempt to gain projects and clients.

The 18-years-old artist, who had just finished a 2D animation and visual effects strand at Ateneo de Naga University’s senior high school, said that she has been hand-painting gowns since 2017.

According to Chavez, some of her paintings would take up to three days to make. She also clarified that she does not design the gowns itself—she only hand-paints on them.

Most of her creations are inspired by the artworks of Van Gogh and Disney’s animated films.

She also revealed that she has been earning from her hobby, with prom-attending students and debutantes acting as her clients.

The young artist shared that she was initially inspired by another artist, Heart Evangelista. The actress has been known to hand-paint bags, gowns and other fashion pieces.

“The first gown in my tweet was inspired by Heart Evangelista’s work which is the pic that I sent,” Chavez said in an interview.

Trish Chavez gown
The gown that Trisha Chavez shared on Twitter which was directly inspired by Heart Evangelista’s creation. (Twitter/Iouistylinsmol)

“My sister actually got the idea of me designing hand-painted gowns because of her (Heart) previous works. Sobrang nagandahan po kasi ako sa mga gawa niya,” Chavez added.

The young artist has a Facebook page where people can inquire about her services. It also gives them a preview of some of the gowns she has hand-painted before.

Heart and her art 

The actress who inspired Chavez had an unusual story of how she started on her hand-painting craft as well.

Heart Evangelista recalled that she once accidentally stained her Birkin bag in the middle of eating French fries with cheese. She dropped some of her fries inside, which created a “big oil map.”

The actress thought of having her bag repainted by a professional but it did not offer a guarantee that the stain would be totally removed.

Instead, she decided to paint it herself after she chanced upon Kim Kardashian’s hand-painted bag that was being auctioned in Europe at that time.

Evangelista was already making her mark as an artist with previous exhibits in Ayala Museum and Singapore during those days.

The incident prompted her to hand-paint more designer bags until she eventually ventured towards dresses. Local celebrities who have been caught wearing her creations are Maine MendozaCarla Abellana and Sarah Geronimo.

The actress also partnered with local fashion brand Kamiseta to feature her paintings in their dresses and blouses.

“Crazy Rich Asians” author Kevin Kwan have previously described Evangelista as the “modern-day incarnation of Audrey Hepburn” in reference to her affinity for fashion. — Featured image from Tisha Chavez via Twitter