Robin Padilla slams political dynasties, endorses Duterte children in Davao

October 24, 2018 - 3:53 PM
Robin Padilla
Actor Robin Padilla has been a staunch supporter of the Duterte family. (Photo via ABS-CBN PR)

Actor Robin Padilla on Wednesday called political dynasties the Philippines’ biggest problem while endorsing the candidacy of presidential children Sara Duterte-Carpio and Sebastian “Baste” Duterte in the president’s hometown Davao City.

The 48-year-old actor on his Instagram uploaded a photo of the two presidential scions, who will be running for elective positions in the city.

Sara, previously rumored to join the 2019 senatorial race, will be gunning for reelection as the city’s mayor with Baste, a political newcomer, as her running mate.

Their older brother Paolo, a former vice-mayor of the city, will be running for a seat in Congress as representative of Davao’s first district.

Padilla in his post said that while political dynasties were a problem in the country, he had faith in “the new breed of local leadership.”

He explained that he was only exercising his rights as a tax payer.

“Do not be misled by my endorsement of candidates. I need to exercise my rights as a tax payer. I need to choose who will be spending the money I pay in taxes,” he said in Filipino.

He added at the end of his caption that he supported a revolutionary government with the Armed Forces of the Philippines.

Some have criticized Padilla for openly supporting candidates from the same family despite having just expressed disdain for political dynasties.

Padilla, who was granted executive clemency by President Rodrigo Duterte in 2016, has worked extensively with the Palace’s rehabilitation efforts in war-torn Marawi City. He has also since then been one of the administration’s staunchest supporters in the entertainment industry.

He traded barbs with Sen. Antonio Trillanes IV, one of the administration’s staunchest critics, in September 2018 after Padilla challenged Trillanes to face authorities following the reopening of charges against him decreed by Duterte’s Proclamation 572.

The actor once known as “The Bad Boy of Philippine Cinema” appeared in surveys on possible senatorial bets in the 2019 polls, but opted not to run.

The Dutertes of Davao

The patriarch of the Duterte clan meanwhile has expressed support for his children’s political careers.

“I don’t want dynasties, but we are forced. Go to Davao City and conduct a survey. Go to the people and ask them,” he said at a speech a few days after his children filed their respective COCs.

He added that an exemplary politician could produce a dynasty because “that is what the people ask for.”

Duterte was first appointed vice mayor by Corazon Aquino after the 1986 EDSA Revolution. He was later elected mayor in 1988 and served until 1998. He served briefly as a representative before successfully running again as mayor in 2001, 2004, 2007 and 2013.

The president’s father, the late Vicente Duterte, was the first in the family to enter public office, serving as governor of Davao province from 1959 to 1965.

Their relatives Ramon and Ronald Duterte were also former mayors of Cebu City, where the clan originated. Vicente himself was a mayor of Cebu before moving to Davao.