Pregnant Sarah Lahbati shares her beauty secrets and priorities


We like to use term “hot momma” to refer to women with children who have beautifully sculpted bodies. Celebrity Sarah Lahbati is a “hot momma” even if she is obviously pregnant.

Sarah is expecting her second child with fiance Richard Gutierrez. They have a five-year-old son Zion.

To announce their pregnancy, here’s her September 18 post on @sarahlahbati:

Sarah, the new endorser of New Closeup Fresh Attraction’s two new variants: Arctic Shock and Oxyrush (her favorite) said the endorsement is quite timely.

“I’m  very sensitive to scents—from food to perfumes and Closeup Oxyrush really helps me overcome nausea.”

Sarah admitted that she may publicly seem busy but she’s actually not as her priorities are her family and staying healthy while pregnant.

“It’a really about managing my time and making sure my schedule isn’t crazy. Any work that I have right now should not require long, long hours. I don’t dance on ASAP anymore (obviously). I do hostings and endorsements, of course.”

As a woman, Sarah understands how pregnancy can take its toll on her body so she takes care of herself with trips to the salon for hair treatments. She also allows herself to indulge in facials because hormonal changes are making her break out from time to time.

Sarah Lahbati says minty toothpaste is one of the things she finds comfort in right now that she is pregnant. Photo courtesy of Closeup.

But things have changed, in a way, now that Sarah is pregnant.

“I used to drink just water. Now I love fruit juices. I also crave a lot of Chinese food like dimsum and crab and corn soup.”

Closeup Philippines launched New Closeup Fresh Attraction flavors Oxyrush and Arctic Shock at Vask, where Chef Luis Gonzalez prepared a Spanish menu featuring a lot of bold flavors.

After eating, guests were asked if they wanted to brush their teeth using Closeup’s two new flavors. Arctic Shock has sweet and fruity notes while Oxyrush, the crowd favorite, was made with glacier fresh mouthwash and crystal frost.

Event hosts and real lige couple Kryz Uy and Slater Young also rely on New Closeup Fresh Attraction for long-lasting freshness.

Celebrity hosts Kryz Uy and Slater Young. Photo courtesy of Closeup Philippines.

“I love how having fresh breath keeps me confident, especially when Slater and I are traveling. Having fresh breath is always a priority.”