Rundown: 5 best appa in K-drama

June 20, 2021 - 12:00 AM
From left to right: Photos of Lee Joon Gi of “Flower of Evil”, Sung Dong-il of “Reply 1988”, Jo Jung-suk of “Hospital Playlist”, Kang Ha-neul of “When the Camellia Blooms”, and Lee Do-hyun of “18 Again”. (Namoo Actors, TVN, Instagram/hospitalplaylist_official, KBS2, Viu)

Korean drama is known for its great quality, especially because of the well-developed characters, which the viewers feel so affectionate about.

In celebration of Father’s Day, here is a list of K-drama characters who remarkably portrayed the role of a father:

Baek Hee-sung (‘Flower of Evil’)

Behind the scenes of “Flower of Evil” (Namoo Actors)

Despite being diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder, Baek Hee-sung portrayed by actor Lee Joon-gi managed to become a perfect househusband.

Breaking gender roles, Baek Hee-sung cleans the house, cooks food for his daughter, does her braid, brings her to school, and all. No wonder why her daughter, Eun-ha is a daddy’s girl.

Online social media users agree with that as they share some stills from the series.

The promising performance of Lee Joon-gi in this drama was recognized in the 57th Baeksang Awards where he was nominated Best Actor for Drama.

The series was also nominated for Best Drama, Best Screenplay, and Best Supporting Actor award. While the drama’s director, Kim Cheol-kyu was named Best Director.

Sung Dong-il (‘Reply 1988’)

Still from “Reply 1988” (TVN)

If you’re an avid viewer of K-drama, there is no reason for you not to recognize Sung Dong-il, who has portrayed the role of a father in countless dramas.

A fan even named him as the “Best Kdrama Dad.”

In “Reply 1988”, Sung Dong-il is a father of three whose family is not wealthy and just tries to make both ends meet.

Unlike Baek Hee-sung of “Flower of Evil,” Sung Dong-il is filled with flaws. He has favoritism. He spends his money on his friends although for a good cause. He is also cold with one of his daughters.

Despite these, these shortcomings make his character authentic, which fans absolutely loved. He might appear cold and grumpy at times, but his sacrifices and little actions show how much he loves his children.

A fan even recalled one of the most heartwarming scenes in the series.

Lee Ik-joon (‘Hospital Playlist’)

Still from “Hospital Playlist” Season 1 (Instagram/hospitalplaylist_official)

Recently, “Hospital Playlist” released its second season, and one of the things that excite the fans is the father and son tandem of Lee Ik-joon (Jo Jung-suk) and U-ju (Kim Jun).

The story of Lee lk-joon offers a fresh narrative as he portrays the role of a single father after he got divorced.

Despite juggling his job as a doctor and being a father to his son, there are no down moments between the two.

The natural charm of U-ju and his chemistry with his on-screen father definitely hooked the fans.

One K-drama fan even shared photos of U-ju singing during the Baeksang Arts Awards last year, where Ik Sun is cheering in tears like a proud father.


Hwang Yong-sik (‘When the Camellia Blooms’)

Still from “When the Camellia Blooms” (Screenshot/Netflix)

K-drama means it when it comes to challenging the status quo.

The award-winning drama “When the Camellia Blooms” challenges the stigma of being a single mother. Aside from that, it proved that being a father is not just exclusive in the bloodline.

Hwang Yong-sik, portrayed by Kang Ha-neul, who was named as the Best Actor for TV Drama in the 56th Baeksang Awards, showed that he can be a father to Kang Pil-gu, (played by Kim Kang-hoon), who was raised by a single mother, Dong-baek (portrayed by Gong Hyo-jin).

He is a cool father figure willing to play with Pil-gu all day in the arcade and defends him against bullies.

Some K-drama fans cannot help but stan the father and son duo.

Go Woo-young (’18 Again’)

Still from “18 Again” (Screenshot/Netflix)

Last on the list is Go Woo-young, played by Lee Do-hyun.

Being a young father to his twins, he learned the ropes of adulthood and forgot his dream to become a basketball superstar.

Not finishing college made it difficult for him to provide for his family.

As his life and marriage crumble, an unexpected turn of events changed his life and relationship with his family.

Go Woo-young might be a type of father who is not expressive in his feelings, but he has his soft side, which became more explicit when he spends more time with his kids.

Lee Do-hyun’s portrayal of the role allowed him to clinch the Best New Actor award in the 57th Baeksang Awards.

Because of Lee Do-hyun’s exceptional performance of the father role, online media users lauded him and hailed him as “the best dad” in K-drama.