NCT’s Taeyong notices Filipina dancer Niana Guerrero

September 28, 2022 - 8:27 PM
Composite shows NCT member Lee Taeyong and Niana Guerero (Taeyong/Instagram; Niana Guerero/Facebook)

NCT member Taeyong replied to Niana Guerrero’s comment in an Instagram video he posted doing the Filipina dancer’s choreography.

Taeyong shared his “Booty Wurk” cover following Niana’s dance movement on Monday, September 26. 

The Filipina dancer hyped the Korean idol in the comment section and wrote, “AYE AYE!!!”

Meanwhile, Taeyong responded with “hei hei.”


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Some fans adored the interaction between the two celebrities, while others could not help but feel envy at the same time.  

“Lee Taeyong noticed Niana Guerrero by dancing booty work and replying to her on IG huhu SANA ALL,” an online user said

“He’s late with the trend but woah Taeyong doing Niana Guerrero’s famous dc,” a fan wrote with starstruck and fire emoji. 

Niana first did the “Booty Wurk” dance cover in April last year. 

“NIANA REALLY WINNING HER LIFE HUHUHU she was noticed by my two ultimate (bias) already Chanyeol, and now it’s Taeyong aaaaahhhhh, but that’s niana we are talking about she’s really a good dancer!!!! DESERVE, but I’m just jealous HAHAHAHAHA how to be you po,”

In a YouTube video posted by Ranz Kyle, Niana’s brother in 2019, Niana sent a message to EXO‘s Chanyeol, following the trend of sending direct messages to 100 celebrities on Instagram. 

To Niana’s surprise, Chanyeol replied and complimented her dance talent. 

Some fans are also hopeful that the two stars would collaborate for a dance cover.

“Niana Guerrero x Taeyong collab please. ALSO, SHE WINNING IN LIFE,” a Twitter user wrote

“Are we gonna get a Taeyong – Niana dance collab soon? Char,” another said

As of writing, Taeyong’s dance cover has over 1.7 million views on Tiktok and more than 3.1 million on Instagram.