BTS’ RM makes Jed Madela a successful fanboy in reaction to Instagram post

March 2, 2022 - 1:36 PM
Composite photo of Jed Madela's toy collection, individual photo of BTS' RM (Instagram, Twitter/Jed Madela, @BTS_twt)

Award-winning Filipino singer Jed Madela was over the moon after a BTS member reacted to a message he sent to him on Instagram.

On his social media accounts, Jed shared that BTS leader RM (Kim Namjoon) made a heart reaction to the photo of art toys he sent to him via Instagram’s direct messages.

“Waaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!! RM just placed a (heart emoji) on a photo I sent him!” he tweeted on March 1.

In a separate post, Jed recounted that it was last December when he first sent a photo of his art toy.

It was the same month when all seven BTS members have opened their individual Instagram accounts.

When he checked again last Monday, there was a “seen” notification on the message.

“Today, I was over the moon when I saw that RM of BTS has ‘SEEN’ a pic I sent him last December; a photo of an art toy I made, knowing that he collected art toys. That ‘seen’ was enough for me,” Jed said.

Jed then tried his luck again and sent him another photo of his art toy.

This time, RM reacted with a heart emoji to it.

“But today, before sleeping, I sent him another photo of the BTS inspired VuDu art toys I made… and he responded with a heart emoji! Sorry, guys. I’m fanboying,” Jed said.

The celebrated singer-songwriter delved into toy-making to cope with the pandemic in 2020.

VuDu was the main character of the fictional world he created with his toys.

Jed shared it felt “different” when a favorite artist has the same passion as his. He said:

“Yeah, I’ve met international artists in the past but when you ‘connect’ with someone you really adore, it’s different! I will forever be a fan of BTS! Now, I can’t sleep… I’m happy.”

Filipino BTS fans cheered for Jed as a successful fanboy of the band.

“Sana makita ko isang araw na naka-display na sa studio ni RM yung isa sa mga art toys na ginagawa mo. I will be super-duper happy for you!” one user said.

Some users, however, were not convinced that BTS would interact with him.

Jed then shared a screenshot of RM’s heart reaction on Instagram as proof.

“Ayan. Happy?” he said.

RM and his fellow member J-Hope are known collectors of toys designed by American artist Brian Donnelly, known professionally as KAWS.

RM, in particular, has a growing collection of KAWS toys in his studio.

In January 2021, the Arts Council Korea named the award-winning rapper as South Korea’s “Arts Sponsor of the Year” for his donation to the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Seoul.

BTS comprising RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V, Jimin and Jungkook are set to return with a live concert in Seoul South Korea titled “BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – SEOUL” this March.

They will also be holding another concert series in Las Vegas in April.