After ‘Walk of Shame’ fame, Tanauan mayor rolled out ‘Walk of Change’

July 3, 2018 - 6:39 PM
Slain Tanauan City Mayor Antonio Halili might be known for his controversial "Walk of Shame" parade but he also initiated other projects for the development of the city that merited him to be mourned greatly by the Tanauanos. (Facebook/Tanauan City's Hope)

After Tanauan City Mayor Antonio Halili was shot dead on July 3, his constituents starting sharing photos on social media that featured the city’s official logo with a black ribbon to mourn his death.

The outpouring of grief was accompanied by recollections on the late mayor’s projects and contributions to the city since he assumed office in 2013.

Twitter user and Tanauan resident Gelay referenced Halili’s vision for Tanauan — which he wanted to become the “City of Colors” — and noted that everything is now “black” after the mayor got shot.

The city chief was killed by a sniper during a flag ceremony outside their city hall on Monday. Prior to the incident, he was reportedly receiving death threats.

Some of the late mayor’s projects 

Halili was notorious for his “Walk of Shame” campaign that eventually became “Walk of Change” after he got criticized, most notably by the Commission on Human Rights.

He previously paraded drug addicts but decided to march rehabilitated drug dependents instead, hoping to inspire others to enter the rehabilitation program.

“Walk of Change” was just one of Halili’s many initiatives in hopes of making Tanauan City progressive.

The ‘City of Colors’

Halili envisioned Tanauan to be the “City of Colors,” hoping that he could transform the city “into a spectrum of lively colors through a synergy of private and public sector’s cooperation.”

Some of the initiatives done were the installation of colorful lamp posts and construction of covered walkways. Tanauan’s city hall was also painted with a rainbow theme.

Establishment of Triple A Slaughterhouse 

Tanauan is one of the major pork suppliers in the National Capital Region. The Triple A Slaughterhouse aimed to further boost meat processing in the province so that products can be exported to international markets.

Tanauan city dragon boat race

The dragon boat race was one of Halili’s efforts to veer Tanauanos away from the lure of illegal drugs, including the youth.

Madrasah Caravan

The project aimed to raise awareness and offer equal educational opportunities to the Muslim community of Tanauan, along with the participation of Department of Education Tanauan City Division and Tanauan Muslim Consultative Council.

Opening of Pansipit river 

Halili initiated the opening of the Pansipit river to boost the tourism of Taal Lake since the river connects the town of Lemery and Taal.

Taal Lake is one of the main tourist attractions in Batangas since people are given a view of the Taal Volcano. (Philstar/File photo)

Building of Tanauan City sports complex 

The late mayor ordered a modern sports complex to be built in hopes of having Tanauan host Palarong Pambansa. It was also meant to be used in the 2020 Southern Tagalog CALABARZON Athletic Association and other sports events.

Postgraduate scholarship to Tanauan city hall employees 

Scholarships on the course of Master in Public Administration were given to city hall employees in an effort to professionalize their ranks.

Farm Business School Program 

The program, along with the participation of different government agencies concerned, aimed to educate and inform farmers on how to boost their profit and harvest, among others.

Building of Tanauan City Public Market

The public market was the first LGU-initiated public-private partnership that was approved by the National Economic Development Authority. It aimed to build a modernized public market that would be safe and convenient for the locals.

Opening of Farmer’s Field School 

The project aimed to educate corn producers in using the Corn ICM Technology, inform them of the proper utilization of organic and inorganic fertilizers and to correctly chose “pest resistant varieties” of corn, among others.