Spotted: Viral ‘#UlirangTita’ uses Apple product as pizza plate for merienda

July 14, 2022 - 11:41 AM
Ulirang Tita_pizza
Annel Ramones eating pizza in her viral "#UlirangTita" outfit in these photos uploaded on her Facebook on July 12, 2022. (Facebook/annelnariel)

An Apple product as plate for pizza?

This item was what the viral ‘#UlirangTita” used when she received several boxes from a pizza restaurant chain that celebrated its 12th anniversary in the country.

Annel Ramones, who has been portraying the mysterious lady in black in her nephew’s online school events, shared a picture of her slicing a pizza on top of an iPad.

The photo has gained 1,300 pure laughing reactions and 113 shares on Facebook.

Apple products have a reputation for their premium build. Its devices are considered among the costliest ones in the market.

Meanwhile, Ramones’ photo is part of her Facebook post where she is flexing the boxes she has received from Papa John’s Pizza for her “merienda.”

“Merienda lang bakit………. Salamat naman sa inyo Papa John’s Pizza! Happy 12th anniversary! Bilin ko na ‘yung isang branch niyo i-GCash ko na lang:)………” she quipped.

She also placed the following hashtags in her post: “#Ad #UlirangTitaxPapaJohns #BookedAndBusy #CraveCraveLng #SimplengHandaan #MayBagoNaNmngCharacter #Hitman”

Ramones quipped that the man in the picture was her “hitman” since her “bodyguard“—who appeared in her previous gimmick—was on a “day off.”

The pizza chain also shared her post on Tuesday as part of their anniversary promotion.

“Rakiterang Tita 4 chudeys videow! Salamat Papa John’s Pizza!” Ramones quipped in response.

She initially caught the public’s attention last year when she attended her nephew’s virtual recognition rites dressed in black with shades and an oversized hat.

Ramones’ character peg, which she called as “#UlirangTita,” eventually appeared in two more instances—in her nephew’s virtual graduation and their “celebration” after.

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Ramones said she initially did the gimmick since the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted people to spend more time at home.

“So bilang isang extrang tita na hindi naman nakakagala sa labas, pumorma talaga me!” she said in an interview before.

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