Not just for the young ones: How Pinoy moms are using Twitter during COVID-19 pandemic

May 7, 2021 - 5:32 PM
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Twitter is popular among young Filipinos but the microblogging platform revealed that moms have been going to the social media site as well.

As of 2020, over eight million users from the Philippines were revealed to be mothers, which was a 36% increase in the past two years.

“Moms on Twitter are the decision-maker in the family. They have the influence on the entire family’s decision on what to buy and which brands to consider,” Chandan Deep, head of emerging business in Twitter Southeast Asia, said in a release.

“Twitter, as the space where moms and brands connect, is also where mom-brand relationships deepen thanks to conversations on real-life experiences as seen on Twitter. Hence, moms found a sense of community, while brands are given the opportunity to reach moms where they are the most open to learn and hear new ideas,” she added.

(Infographic from Twitter Philippines/Released)

Twitter Philippines said that most of the moms on the platform are “full-time working moms” (58.4%).

Around 69% of mothers use it daily to learn and for self-improvement.

“In particular, they go to Twitter to find new and useful information, research on how to do things, and be updated with news and events from credible sources,” the app said.

Mothers also go to the platform to find a community that offers support and company from fellow moms.

It was also revealed that 58% of moms are millennials, some of which are first-time mothers.

They use the platform to actively seek insights and advice, as well as offer comforting words or give inspiration to their fellow moms.

Others also go to the app to make time to discuss their personal interests in passions such as films, television series, health and wellness and music.

(Infographic from Twitter Philippines/Released)
(Infographic from Twitter Philippines/Released)

Last year, Twitter’s data showed that moms visit the platform to get real-time information, share precious moments they have with their children, keep themselves updated on their favorite series and get insights from their fellow moms.