Student designs, sews and hand-paints her own gown for graduation ball

April 9, 2019 - 6:03 PM
Hand painted gown ciara gan
17-year-old Ciara Gan sewed and hand-painted her own gown for their school's graduation ball. (Twitter/ciaragan)

A student sewed and hand-painted her own gown for their graduation ball at school, earning the admiration of social media users.

17-year-old Ciara Gan shared on Twitter that she “painted over 80 flowers” and “sewed (and) stoned” her dress with the help of her mother.

The result impressed social media users who claimed that Gan could be a star in the fashion industry with her exceptional talents.

Some even requested if the young student could make their own wedding dress in the future.

Gan shared in the comments thread that it took her “around two weeks” to make the gown, which includes hand-painting the flowers.

According to her, she can also “paint, make invites, stickers, vector art, pubmats (publication materials) and a lot more.”

Gan added that she’s open to doing local commissions during her five-month summer vacation. People may contact her through the details on her Instagram account.

Previously, another young artist shared some of her hand-painted creations on Twitter as well. She was largely inspired by Heart Evangelista who is known to hand-paint bags and dresses. — Featured image from Ciara Gan via Twitter