New Pinoy web series for kilig-hunters: ‘Ming ♥ Tomas’

May 28, 2022 - 2:12 PM
Tomas (Anton Nolasco) and Ming (Queen Semana) share a moment of kilig in the new Ming ❤ Tomas webseries (Mang Tomas/Released)

A three-episode series that will deliver joy and kilig to the audience was recently launched online.

“Ming  Tomas,” entirely shot on a mobile phone, is a story of two different individuals whose paths were brought together by fate.

It features lovable characters Ming (Queen Semana), a sweet and dainty girl blessed with a good appetite and Tomas (Anton Nolasco), a hardworking boy who has more sides than meets the eye

Behind the web series are award-winning directors Joel Ferrer and Chris Cahilig. They exclusively shot it on mobile phones with the guidance of Tristan Cua, dubbed the “father of mobile filmmaking in the Philippines.”

This gave viewers an intimate and immersive perspective into the lives of the characters.

The series was launched by condiment brand Mang Tomas All-Around Sarsa. It can be viewed for free via its Facebook page and NutriAsia YouTube channel.

Here’s where to watch the first two episodes:

  •  “AngMANGhuhula” – Episode 1
  •  “Ang GANAduo” – Episode 2

At the end of every episode, viewers may answer a question for a chance to win gift packs from the condiment brand. —Rosette Adel