‘On The Job’ mini-series spawns film sequel

April 22, 2017 - 11:11 AM
Director Erik Matti (center) with Hooq Philippines country manager Jane Cruz-Walker and Hooq CEO Peter Bithos.

Less than a year after revealing the cast members for a mini-series based on Erik Matti’s acclaimed police drama, “On The Job,” video-on-demand service Hooq announced that the project has spawned a film sequel as well.

This was revealed by Hooq chief executive officer Peter Bithos and Hooq Philippines country manager Jane Cruz-Walker during a press conference to celebrate Hooq’s second year in the country.

“Erik Matti and his team at Reality Entertainment wants to tell an ambitious story. When we were all struggling to fit it into a TV series format, we decided to make a movie as well that’s still based on Erik Matti’s vision,” Bithos told InterAksyon and other media during the event.

Walker added that since the project is a joint production between Hooq, Reality Entertainment and Globe Studios, they decided to call it “On The Job Part 2” making it an official sequel to the hit movie.

The new movie, which will premiere exclusively on Hooq in August, will be followed by a five-part mini-series. The sequel will not pick up where the original “On The Job” left off but instead will expand on its themes and remain true to its spirit.

As Matti himself revealed during the introduction of the cast last November, it will focus on four major characters consisting of a local media man, the political kingpin who has him under his pocket, a hired killer regularly brought in and out of prison and investigative journalist who finds herself caught in the middle of a simmering scandal.

Among the actors announced as cast members of “On The Job” include Bela Padilla, Teroy Guzman, Nonoy Froilan and Neil Ryan See, who play the four leads. Also in the cast are Christopher de Leon, Jake Macapagal, Smokey Manaloto, Nafa Hilario-Cruz, Ria Atayde, Arjo Atayde, Dominic Ochoa, Levi Ignacio and Renz Fernandez.

Leo Martinez is the only cast member of the original “On The Job” who will return in the sequel to reprise his role as General Pacheco.

Walker said that “On The Job Part 2” and the ensuing mini-series is part of Hooq’s commitment to bolstering its Filipino content. “We also acquired the digital rights to the new movies of Regal Entertainment and Viva Films that will be available on Hooq within three months of their theatrical release,” she noted.

“Recent blockbusters like ‘Camp Sawi,’ ‘Bakit Lahat ng Guapo May Boyfriend’ and ‘I Love You to Death’ have already debuted on Hooq and are consistently in the top 10 list of most watched content by our subscribers.

“‘Mano Po 7,’ ‘Die Beautiful,’ ‘The Escort,’ and ‘My Rebound Girl’ will also be on Hooq within the next quarter, with newly released movies to follow throughout the year.”

Asked by InterAksyon if Hooq will co-produce another exclusive Filipino film or series within the year after “On The Job Part 2,” Walker said that they would make another announcement within the next few weeks.