‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ actor Kang Tae Oh’s military enlistment news breaks heart of Filipino fans

September 1, 2022 - 11:57 AM
The photo shows Korean actor Kang Tae Oh portraying the role of Lee Jun Ho in the Korean series "Extraordinary Attorney Woo" (Netflix/Facebook)

After Kang Tae Oh fluttered people’s hearts in “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” as Lee Jun Ho, he broke the hearts of many Filipino fans as he announced that he would be enlisting in the military on September 20.

“The message arrived for me. I was called to fulfill my duty to my country. I’ll enlist in the military on September 20,” the Korean actor said during his fan meeting on Wednesday, August 31. 

“Thank you for making such good memories with me. I will return with a healthy mindset,” Tae Oh continued. 

He also dedicated a song titled “Thank You” by Kim Dong Ryul to express his gratitude to his fans. 

“I just started to get to know him,” a Twitter user wrote with sobbing emojis.

“He just came back, but he leaves again for the military well, can’t wait to see more works of him as soon as he will be back,” another said

“See [you] after enlistment, our green flag whale,” an online user wrote with a whale and sneezing emoji. 

“September 20 na, see you on 2024 hintayin kita,” a Twitter user said

Some also shared GIFs and memes to express how they felt about the actor’s enlistment. 

Others also wish for the actor’s safety during his military stint. 

“Stay safe, baby, 18 months won’t be that long. Stay healthy,” a fan wrote

“Stay safe and see you soon,” another tweeted

In South Korea, men aged 18 to 30 are required to undergo mandatory military service for 18 to 21 months. 

Fans can expect Kang Tae Oh’s official discharge in March 2024. This would be in time for the second season of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” expected to air in the same year. 

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