ALERT | Former NUJP director, mother of Myles Albasin, gets death threats

March 11, 2018 - 1:42 PM
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MANILA – Journalist Grace Albasin, a former National Union of Journalists of the Philippines director, has received death threats over social media stemming from the arrest of her daughter, youth activist Myles Albasin, and five companions whom the military has accused of being communist rebels.

Grace, the former editor-in-chief of SunStar Cagayan de Oro, and now the Bukdinon correspondent of the community daily and of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, first received this threat from a certain “Jeprox Raider” on her Messenger account: “Mga NPA mong animal mo (You NPA animals), good luck may the bullet find you.”

Jeprox Raider continued to threaten Grace, this time commenting on a post on her Facebook page: “sana sa susunod manglaban na lang siya ha, or kayo mismo mga magulang na kinain ng sistema (may she fight back in the future, or you the parents eaten up by the system), may the bullet find you someday, that’s the curse of the public for you, you NPA buttheads.”

Grace said the threats and vilification have aggravated the stress of trying to address the crisis their family is facing.