ARAY KO! | Celebs who are single moms or whose kin are solo parents hurt by Sotto’s ‘na-ano lang’

May 4, 2017 - 12:51 PM
Philstar file photos of Lea Salonga, Jennylyn Mercado, Bea Rose Santiago, and Sen. Tito Sotto

MANILA, Philippines – Showbiz personalities and Pinoy netizens took to Twitter their disgust and disappointment over Sen. Tito Sotto’s alleged belittling of Department of Social Welfare Secretary Judy Taguiwalo for being a single parent.

Judging from their statements that were not directly addressed to Sotto, it appeared that some celebrities felt that the senator’s statement hit them personally because either them or their loved ones were solo parents like Taguiwalo.

“For much of my growing up years, my mother was a single mother. I curse anyone and everyone that sees women like her as “less than,” said internationally acclaimed singer-actress Lea Salonga.

Salonga said her husband, Robert Chien, “for much of his upbringing” was also “raised by a single mother.”

“I curse anyone that sees women like her as ‘less than,’” she said.

“For those that look down upon these beloved ladies, there’s a special place in hell for the likes of you,” added Salonga.

Also, actress Jennylyn Mercado, another solo parent, said, “I have high respects for my fellow solo parents by choice or by force.”

Mahirap dahil mag-isa, pero lahat kinakaya dahil sa love sa anak [It’s hard because you’re alone but you do everything because you love your child.]

For her part, actress-beauty queen Bea Rose Santiago said that she is a daughter of a single mom and her three aunts, cousin, and grandmother are all single parents and “NONE OF THEM ARE ASSHOLES.”

Meanwhile, some netizens thought that Sotto appeared to have shot himself in the foot because they said the senator’s daughter, Ciara Sotto, is also a single mom.

Tandaan po nyo Sen Sotto na hindi lahat ng single mother kaya naging solo parent ay dahil “na-ano lang.” Si Ciara Sotto po, kamusta sya?” said Jhamer Abag.

Mamikoy, meanwhile told the senator, “How dare you Mr. Sotto to make fun of single moms being na-ano lang, wala kang respeto sa mga solo parent! Remember single mom din ang anak mo.”