‘Wag pag-usapan si Bruno’: TikTok sensation JMKO gives ‘Encanto’ OST a Filipino rendition

January 28, 2022 - 11:10 AM
Photo of Bruno Madrigal from Disney's "Encanto" and Filipino singer Miko Manguba or JMKO (Facebook, Twitter/Encanto, JMKO)

“Wag pag-usapan si Bruno!”

This was the title of the Filipino version of Disney’s hit single “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” performed by rising Filipino R&B artist and TikTok sensation JMKO on January 24.

The song is part of the official soundtrack of Disney’s 2021 animated film “Encanto.”

JMKO, whose real name is Miko Manguba, performed the catchy tune of the soundtrack with lyrics that were translated from English to Filipino.

“WAG PAG USAPAN SI BRUNO – Full version (Philippine flag emoji). Here’s your request finally!! Hope y’all like it!!” JMKO said in the caption.

In the three-minute video, the official video of “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” in the animated film were juxtaposed with the footage of JMKO’s rendition using Filipino lyrics.

As of writing, the Filipino singer’s rendition gained more than 960,000 views and 64,000 reactions on Facebook.

Most of the reactions were also positive wherein 56,000 were heart emojis, 6,700 were likes and 1,200 were heart emojis.

This was not the first time JMKO performed the “We don’t talk about Bruno” song and incorporated a Filipino lyrics.

He previously divided the song into three parts and released them separately on his Facebook page.

JMKO also informed his fans that he didn’t translate the lyrics himself.

“Hi guys! I didn’t translate this myself hehe just got it from @seanlonmaun and he did a great jobb at translating,” JMKO said in the comments section of one of the videos.

“Just because it’s ‘too literal’ doesn’t mean it’s wrong hehe it also needs to be singable and in correct rhythm so just imagine the limited words we can use!! Just shows how complex the Filipino language is, dami ding syllables! Hope you enjoyed though!” he added.

“Encanto’s” breakout hit became the first Disney song to peak at number 2 in the US-based music chart Billboard Hot 100 this January.

The last time a Disney song made it this far was in March 1933 with Aladdin’s iconic ballad “A Whole New World.”

Because of its global appeal, Disney released a music video of the Bruno track where it was sang in 21 different languages.

Filipino is not among these languages.

“Encanto,” the animated movie itself, also reaped achievements.

It recently won the sought-after Golden Globe Awards in the Best Animated Picture category.

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“Encanto’s” soundtrack album, on the other hand, made it to the top spot of the Billboard’s Top 200 chart, surpassing Adele’s “30” album.

The animated film tells the story of Mirabel Madrigal, the youngest in the Madrigal clan. She is the only one in her family who did not receive a unique gift.

Mirabel tried to save the magic or “miracle” surrounding her home called “Casa Madrigal” and her extraordinary family, The Madrigals.

Bruno Madrigal is Mirabel’s uncle.

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