Rico Blanco notices viral edited ‘Trese’ series opening credits that used ‘Yugto’

June 16, 2021 - 1:00 PM
Photo of Rico Blanco from Instagram (Rico Blanco/Instagram) Screengrab of a scene from Netflix's "Trese" (Netflix Philippines/YouTube)

Rico Blanco recently reacted to a video clip where his song “Yugto” was edited as the opening theme of Netflix’s Filipino occult animated series “Trese.”

The current opening song of the series is an Ifugao ethnic song called “Balluha” or “Balluha’d Bayyauhen.”

On Tuesday, a video content creator named Tito Ken TV or Tito Ken shared a version of the opening credits where Blanco’s “Yugto” plays instead of the Philippine ethnic song.

The video was also uploaded on YouTube.

“I think ‘Trese’ not having @ricoblanco’s “Yugto” as its opening theme is a missed opportunity. Sinubukan kong i-edit yung opening credits. Grabe, mangiyak-ngiyak ako nung una kong napanood yung resulta,” said the content creator.

When it blew up, the creator’s tweet eventually reached Blanco. The former Rivermaya member quote-retweeted the user’s post and reacted with a flushed face emoji.

This emoji, according to Emojipedia, could be used to express various feelings such as flattery, surprise, disbelief, admiration, affection, and excitement.

In a new post on the same day, Tito Ken TV shared how thrilled he was that Blanco noticed his work.

“Nagising ako kasi tunog nang tunog yung phone ko, akala ko kung anong meron. Napansin at niretweet pala ni idol yung ginawa kong reimagined version ng ‘Trese’ opening credits,” the content creator said.

“I’m so glad marami din ang nag-agree (Facebook and Twitter) na bagay ang ‘Yugto’ sa vibe at theme ng series na ito,” he added.

As of writing, the edited video gained more than 979,000 views on Facebook; 182,300 views on Twitter and over 22,700 on YouTube.

Social media users also shared the similar view that “Yugto” suits “Trese” well.

Some Reddit users are hoping that the production team of the animated series would consider it for the next season.

“Magandang pang-season 2 na opening song,” one user said.

Others, however, prefer the original track given its roots. It featured Ifugao’s music, whose culture is also rich in folklore.

“I prefer the original one… The original one has its roots from the Ifugao culture and heritage. This Rico Blanco track sounds great, but having something from Ifugao matches the ‘mystical’ nature of the series in general. Good job with the mix,” a Facebook user said.

In the comments section, Tito Ken TV agreed that “Yugto” might also fit as the sound for end credits or a fight scene.

“I was thinking the chant is right on point. Perhaps this could fit in a season-ending credits or a glorious fight scene,” the content creator wrote.

A Facebook page called Aswang Project, dedicated to Philippine culture and society, last Friday re-shared a post from a teacher who shared information about “Trese’s” opening theme song.


In the post, the teacher named Mykey Cuento shared that it is an Ifugao folk song for festivals and contests.

“It is a folk song that also goes back a long way, but is meant for other things such as festivals and contests!” the user said.

Cuento also shared a screenshot of a YouTube video about another Ifugao chant called “hudhud” that is similar to the “balluha.”