‘Parang fiesta’: CCP-goers seen ignoring physical distancing measures

June 29, 2020 - 12:46 PM
CCP grounds
Facade of the Cultural Center of the Philippines in this photo uploaded to Wikipedia on June 28, 2005. (the SunKing via CC BY 2.5)

Social media posts containing photos and a video of Filipinos congregating at the grounds of the Cultural Center of the Philippines despite strict guidelines on physical distancing went viral on social media on Sunday.

A radio anchor of DZRH Manila took a video of the situation where the citizens — mostly in sports or exercising attire — were seen in the area on Sunday morning ignoring the implemented COVID-19 health protocols.

Some of the people were also captured not wearing the requisite face masks or had them placed under their chin. Minors were also seen in the video despite the prohibition against people below 21-years-old going out of the house under the general community quarantine.

Noche Cacas, the radio anchor who shared the video, likened the scene to a “fiesta” or a “party” happening at the CCP grounds.

GOOD LUCK NALANG : Physical distancing at pagsusuot ng face mask, tila dedma ng mga nagpupunta dito sa harapan ng CCP sa Pasay City. #covid19 DZRH Manila

Posted by Noche Cacas on Saturday, June 27, 2020


Another Facebook user also claimed of seeing the similar scenario and even speculated that some of them could be littering as well.

Cacas’ video, meanwhile, has gained 3,200 comments, more than 760,000 views and 3,500 reactions ever since it was uploaded on  Facebook yesterday.

Avoid mass gatherings

The viral post reached the Department of Health and subsequently issued a reminder to the public that “high density and populous places should be avoided” to prevent the transmission of the COVID-19, which has a high transmission rate.

Citing the picture taken by Cacas, it said: “The Department of Health strongly urges the public to stay at home and limit their outside exposure to essential activities. The COVID-19 virus does not take a day off. The risk of contracting the virus remains real.”

“Always observe physical distancing, wash hands frequently, wear masks, and avoid large crowds. The fight against COVID-19 entails the cooperation of everyone. Together, we can #BeatCOVID19,” it added.

PUBLIC REMINDER: High density and populous places should be avoided by the public to prevent the transmission of…

Posted by Department of Health (Philippines) on Sunday, June 28, 2020


Pasay City Mayor Emi Calixto Rubiano in a GMA News report said that she will deploy more police personnel to monitor the area and enforce stringent physical distancing measures.

Under the general community quarantine, the following outdoor non-contact sports and other forms of exercises are allowed under certain conditions: Walking, jogging, running, biking, golf, swimming, tennis, badminton, equestrian, range shooting and skateboarding.

Such activities can only be enacted if minimum health standards are actively enforced such as the wearing of face masks, maintenance of physical distancing measures and non-sharing of equipment, if applicable.

Additionally, only a maximum of 10 people can gather or convene in a place, subjected to health protocols.

While the public is allowed to exercise and perform outdoor activities, experts believe that as much as possible, exercising at one’s own residence is the best solution to avoid health risks.

This include the possibility of suffocating in face masks, especially if they are not of cotton material, and failing to maintain a physical distance of at least one meter apart which is nearly equivalent to a motorcycle’s length.

“Before the pandemic, the prevailing notion of exercise and fitness has always been linked to a physical gym or facility, strict schedules, equipment and trainers. In the time of the pandemic, we could explore the idea of exercise as any activity that is physically challenging which can be done at home,” sports science major and doctor Paige Penales said in a Rappler report.

“We could start our fitness journey by walking around the house, lifting objects, climbing stairs, or jumping over tables or what we have at home. We could also use items we could find at home as substitute for weights we usually find at gyms, may it be cans, bags filled with rocks, or water containers,” Penales added.

Penales said that there are lots of exercise guidelines available on the internet which can be done within the comforts of one’s house.