Google honors renowned pediatrician Fe del Mundo with a doodle

November 27, 2018 - 11:29 AM
Fe del Mundo Google doodle
Google Doodle honoring renowned pediatrician Fe del Mundo. (Google screenshot)

Search engine Google is paying tribute to renowned Filipino pediatrician Fe del Mundo on her 107th birth anniversary with a doodle on their home page.

Filipinos on the internet were greeted with the artwork showing Del Mundo treating a small child while surrounded by nature.

The award-winning doctor would have celebrated her 107th birthday on Tuesday, November 27. She passed away on August 6, 2011, after almost eight decades in the medical field.

Filipinos have shared facts about the famed pediatrician who was credited for her innovations in the field of pediatrics.

First woman admitted to Harvard Medical School

Spurred by the death of an older sister due to an illness, Del Mundo studied medicine at the University of the Philippines and graduated as class valedictorian in 1933.

She later was awarded a scholarship to study at a school of her choice. She was enrolled in the Harvard Medical School to pursue three additional pediatric courses.

She was reportedly not just the first Filipino to study at the prestigious medical institution, but also the first woman to be allowed to enroll in the school, as it did not allow women to enroll until 1945.

She also pursued further studies at the University of Chicago, Columbia University and Boston University School of Medicine and pursued a residency in Billings Hospital.

Following the completion of her studies abroad, she to the Philippines to practice medicine. Caught up in the start of World War II and the Japanese invasion, she worked as doctor for the International Red Cross and helped children affected by the war.

Years later, she sold her own property and belongings and took on an P800,000 loan from the Government Security Insurance System to establish the Children’s Memorial Center, the first hospital in the Philippines to specialize in pediatrics.

She left behind a post as director and senior pediatrician of the North General Hospital to pursue her dream of founding a hospital that was free from bureaucracy and focused on helping children.

The Institute of Maternal and Child Health which was later added to the hospital became the first such institution in Asia dedicated to preventive medicine, training and research and rural extension work.

Even years after she turned over ownership of the hospital, she continued to donate part of her salary to maintaining its facilities. She is believed to have completed at least 150 scientific papers on the study of children’s diseases.

She was later awarded National Scientist in 1980 and was awarded the Order of Lakandula.

Google Doodle previously paid tribute to the Philippines’ marine biodiversity on its Independence Day celebration on June 12.