Pinoy-favorite ube cheese pie makes fast food chain comeback

July 1, 2022 - 3:43 PM
Jollibee’s ube cheese pie (Jollibee/Released)

Missing the uniquely sweet and cheesy goodness of the ube cheese pie? Worry no more as a homegrown fast food chain is bringing it back to its stores.

Jollibee’s signature crispy pie crust in ube cheese flavor will be available in all its stores nationwide starting Friday, July 1, 2022.

It is also available for delivery through the Jollibee delivery application.

The ube cheese pie can be bought in solo, three pieces and half-dozen.

Jollibee first introduced the ube cheese pie last year, quickly becoming a hit for its sweet and savory flavor combination.

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Brand Manager for Pies Bea Bediones said this is the reason why they are bringing it back.

“When we saw just how much of a hit the Ube Cheese Pie was among our customers, we knew we had to bring it back,” Bediones said in a release.

Patrons of the pie and fast food chain were delighted by the news of the food item’s return.

“YESSS FINALLY! MY FAV,” a Twitter user said.

“Welp, just added this on to my weekend plans,” another commented.

Other Filipinos suggested various flavor options such as banana-langka and ube macapuno.

The well-loved crispy golden pie crust is also available in tuna, mango, and buko flavors.