Looking for work? This online ad offers jobs based on your zodiac sign

March 9, 2021 - 9:43 PM
Composite photos from Alexas_Fotos and Pixabay

It’s fun to read star signs, especially if they are about job openings during this novel coronavirus pandemic.

This is the strategy of a private communication firm called Project Duo which got creative and referenced star signs to its job offerings on social media.

In a post on March 4, the company posted their advertisement in colorful and artistic infographics where each job position has corresponding star signs and descriptions of their personalities.

“Need mo ng mag-work? Bet mo ng mag-resign? Ito na ang sign na hinahanap mo! Hiring kami! Ano ang dapat mong applyan based on your zodiac sign?” read the first infographic.

It also has the 12 astrological symbols and the email addresses where to send their resumes.

The following job positions are available:

  • Human resource officer
  • Project manager
  • Senior creative artist
  • Creative writer
  • Senior accounts manager

The descriptions or tasks required for each role were also written in Filipino and in a relatable, straightforward manner.

For example, one of the requirements for a creative writer that was stated: “Pilosopo kausap pero at least witty gumawa ng event titles, tagline, promotional materials, scripts, etc.”

Then, for a senior creative artist, the characteristics read: “Minsan late darating sa office tapos mag-aalmusal pero maaasahan naman para ipanalo ang mga pitches with their unique and outstanding outputs based from the given brief.”

This post eventually was noticed and re-posted at a Facebook page for human resource professionals.

Social media users who were members of the group praised the agency for their work.


“This is so fun and witty!” another said.

“Ang fun and witty eh. Pati ako parang naeenganyo mag apply eh,” another user wrote.

One Facebook user pointed out how these infographics will motivate job seekers to apply, especially those who are not sure what position to apply for.

“In reality, some of the applicants doubt if they are really fit for that specific position even though they had the required qualification. And that creates boundaries especially creates low self-esteem. But with this job ad, mae-encourage talaga sila and ang gaan basahin,” the user wrote.

So far, Project Duo has not posted an update on any new offerings or closed their hiring process.

Thousands of Filipinos have lost their jobs due to the shutdown of businesses during the stringent lockdowns last year.

A report from The Straits Times reported around 4.5 million Filipinos who have lost their jobs in December with an unemployment rate at 10.4%, which is considered the highest in 15 years.

The national government hopes the easing of travel restrictions and reopening of some businesses and services will help the economy recover.

On Tuesday, the Philippine Statistics Authority reported that the unemployment rate in January went up to 8.7 percent, which is equivalent to 4 million Filipinos.