Maria Ozawa miffed at Uber/Grab drivers for texting, sharing her phone number

January 18, 2018 - 9:37 PM
Maria Ozawa. (Photo from her Instagram page)

Japanese former porn star Maria Ozawa is upset with drivers of the ride-sharing networks Uber and Grab for allegedly sharing her mobile phone number with people who then sent her text messages.

As reported by, Ozawa, who is now based in the Philippines and co-owns the gentleman’s club La Maison in Remington Hotel, took to Facebook Thursday and posted about her latest experience involving a driver from Uber. She wrote that she had received a text message from a certain “Ben” who claimed he got her number from an Uber driver.

As shared by Ozawa in her now deleted post, Ben texted her, “Sorry. I just want to know your name. And things you like. Hope you won’t get mad.”

Irked, Ozawa posted, “What is wrong with your #uberdrivers giving out customers numbers to their friends? or other customers!? I tried calling the hotline and they didn’t pick up…I change my name on purpose so I can protect my privacy but it still happens and this isn’t my first time blocking numbers from Uber/Grab!!!! Several times I had drivers stalk me and now the drivers are giving away costumers phone numbers !?!? Really!?…I LOVE the Philippines but Why can’t I trust this country AT ALL!? Why are the people SO UNPROFESSIONAL!?”

Later in the day, Ozawa again posted and this time revealed that she was contacted by the staff of Uber Philippines who told her that they had tracked down the driver who gave away her number.

“[T]hey found out that the guy who texted me was the driver who was registered already! He made a excuse of saying he got it from the driver when he was the driver. Unbelievable… But anyways the staff who’s in charge said they will fix this and take it really seriously…”

Ozawa said Uber asked her to delete her original post which she did — “for now”. But she quickly added that if and when she uses Uber again (which she said she will not), she will sue them “for sure” if a similar incident happens again.

“If people are registered or working as a professional driver they should never bring out their personal emotions. Maybe it’s hard to tell that to all the people but at least in japan that’s how we were taught in business world. Especially when they handle something personal from their customers,” she further posted.

Ozawa, 32, has been based in Manila for more than two years after she starred in the 2015 movie “Nilalang” opposite Cesar Montano. Although she has stopped making adult films in Japan since 2010, she continues to be identified with her past work as a pornographic actress.

According to Pornhub, the word’s largest porn website, Ozawa was still the most popular porn star for Filipinos last year.