Trixie Mattel’s reaction to Viñas DeLuxe’s ‘manananggal’ drag outfit

September 13, 2022 - 12:22 PM
Collage of Viñas DeLuxe and Trixie Mattel (Facebook, Instagram/Drag Race Philippines, Trixie Mattel)

Trixie Mattel, an award-winning American drag queen, noticed the runway ensemble of Filipino drag queen Viñas DeLuxe.

Trixie reacted to Viñas’ outfit at the “Shake, Rattle and Rampa” runway challenge that was aired in the third episode of “Drag Race Philippines”.

The “Shake, Rattle and Rampa” theme challenges the contestants to channel Filipino folklore and mythology on the runway.

Viñas chose to showcase a drag version of the “manananggal”, a half-woman, half-vampire mythical creature in the Philippines.

Her ensemble, which was designed by Ian Cartalaba, caught the attention of not only the judges during the episode but also the local and international fans of the “RuPaul’s Drag Race” franchise.

This episode aired on August 24.

Trixie reacted to the official photo of Viñas in her manananggal drag costume on September 10.

The “RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3” winner only placed emojis to express her sentiments: “Three shock emojis.”

Trixie’s tweet about it garnered 3,715 retweets, 1,816 quote-retweets and 79,600 likes so far.

It also opened up 25-year-old Filipino performer and the Philippine edition of the drag race competition to a wider audience.

Trixie currently has one million followers on Twitter.

Her Instagram page boasts 3 million followers.

Her YouTube channel has 1.68 million subscribers.

Viñas soon saw Trixie’s reaction.

She quote-retweeted Trixie’s post and wrote: “Thank you po.”

Prior to this, Twitter user @_anghel0 also posted this photo on the micro-blogging platform on August 25.

It blew up and garnered more than 200,000 likes.

Moreover, Viñas’ photo on Facebook also garnered the most reactions among the other drag queens.

To recap how she strutted it, the official Twitter of “Drag Race Philippines” released a video clip of her runway performance.

Viñas was slightly leaning sideways to complete the detached appearance of the manananggal creature.

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The spin-off “Drag Race Philippines: Untucked” can be viewed every Friday.