Ka-Vogue: SB19 among Teen Vogue’s ‘Favorite Bands of All Time’ list

July 20, 2022 - 7:15 PM
SB19 in black shirts
P-pop group SB19 in their "Our Zone" concert shirts in this still uploaded on their Facebook page on Jan. 31, 2022 (Facebook/SB19Official)

There’s a reason SB19 is referred to as “P-pop kings.”

The five-member Filipino boy group was showered with praises after the hitmakers were mentioned in an article by an American fashion magazine for teens.

Teen Vogue on July 14 published a piece on their website titled “Our Favorite Boy Bands of All Time” by De Elizabeth.

The article did not rank the music groups listed.

It acknowledged that while “there’s no way to define a boy band,” it mentioned it’s their “loyal and (lovingly) chaotic fanbases” that make up a big part of their identity.

“For decades, every era of music has had its collection of iconic boy bands. From screaming fans of the Beatles in the 1960s to the height of the Jackson Five’s fame in the ‘70s straight on to the ARMY members devoted to BTS today, boy bands have had a hold on music listeners throughout many generations,” Elizabeth wrote.

The article mentioned familiars like Backstreet Boys, Westlife, Jonas Brothers and BTS, but it was SB19’s inclusion that wowed Filipinos.

“Josh, Pablo, Stell, Ken, and Justin are the five members of the Filipino boy band known as SB19,” the article reads.

“They were formed in 2016 after winning a talent search, going on to release a studio album along with eight singles. They’ve continued achieving heights of popularity in early 2022 with the release of their hit ‘Bazinga,'” it added.

The P-pop group’s music video for their single “What?” was also embedded in the article for reader reference.

Teen Vogue is the sister publication of Vogue, an American fashion and lifestyle magazine which is also considered the most influential voice of authority in the fashion world.

Meanwhile, SB19’s inclusion in the article impressed their fans who took note of the group’s label as “P-pop kings.”

“Ka-VOGUE na kabog talaga ang boys! Pak!” a fan wrote in response to the news.

“Keep on comings mga articles… deserve po one of the all-time fave bands alongside with other well-known boy bands. YES! P-POP KINGS DID THAT!” another Twitter user exclaimed.

“P-POP KINGS ‘yan eh,” a different Pinoy commented with a beaming face emoji.

“Proud of you, P-pop Kings!” exclaimed another Twitter user.

Others noted that they were the only Filipino hitmakers who made it in such a piece.


SB19 is considered the first Korean-trained Filipino idol group to earn international recognition following several Billboard chart appearances.

They first entered the Billboard in 2019, appearing on the Next Big Sound Chart.

They are the first Pinoy group to have landed on the particular chart which lists musical acts for their fast-rising popularity.

They are also the first Filipino and Southeast Asian act to have been nominated in the Billboard Music Awards for the Top Social Artist category.

The P-pop hitmakers are additionally the first Southeast Asian act that has landed in the top 10 of the Billboard Social 50’s weekly and year-end charts.

Some of the group’s hits are “Tilaluha,” “Alab,” “Mapa,” “Bazinga,” “What?” and “Go Up.”