Filipinos flood social media with jokes and memes to look on the bright side

July 20, 2018 - 7:10 PM

Flash floods, tangled traffic and soggy socks are a few things that make the rainy season a miserable time for Metro Manila residents.

But some budding creatives are keeping their cool and looking to the bright side by providing memes and jokes for entertainment.

Memes for a rainy day

As Filipinos brace for another rainy day in the city, social media becomes the go-to avenue for channeling one’s frustration.

Some are trying to keep cool even as the daily commute starts to look more like preparing for a dangerous trek.

Some are sending their calls for divine intervention in meme form.

This tweet meanwhile shows how requests to LGU leaders can also be done in social media through memes.

This webcomic by artist Sskait tries to show how even the sun has feelings and doesn’t like being an option.

Manila has seen intense rains and flooding with the onslaught of Tropical Depression Henry and Tropical Storm Inday.

Memes and jokes of course are not enough to keep one going as the rainy season draws on.

The Department of Health has issued warnings about the dangers of leptospirosis, a deadly disease that can be contracted from the urine from sewer rats.

To avoid leptospirosis, health practitioners advise avoiding wading in the floods. Should that be impracticable, as may be the case for most commuters, wearing boots and maintaining cleanliness may be the best line of defense.

Various health organizations have also cautioned against influenza, another common sickness during the rainy season.