Manny apologizes to Martin for jabs at Palace communications office

April 24, 2017 - 7:16 PM
Secretaries Martin Andanar and Manny Piñol: still friends.

MANILA – Agriculture Secretary Manny Piñol apologized Monday to Communications Secretary Martin Andanar, after being quoted saying recently that he thought the PCO was rather “slow” in responding to issues.

In an ambush interview at the launch of the website of the Philippine News Agency, Andanar said Piñol called him up to apologize for his critical remarks against the Presidential Communications Office.

Andanar said he told Piñol he understood where the latter was coming from, being a former journalist.

Andanar added he is ready to present to the agriculture secretary the PCO’s programs in expanding awareness of government’s development programs and encouraging interaction from the public.

Andanar said he and Piñol definitely bear no grudges against each other, and remain friends despite the episode.

Piñol had said that even though President Duterte was included in the TIME 100 LIst of Most Influential People, the President’s communications group is itself not that influential because it is often late in issuing press releases, or confronting issues as soon as they are raised.

Referring to his and Piñol’s relationship, Andanar stressed, “no hard feelings. No hard feelings. We’re friends.”