WATCH | New modus: Metro cops skirt extortion risk by dealing through civilian go-betweens

QC law enforcement sting on extortion ring
Quezon City cops pounce on a civilian go-between in a sting unraveling an extortion ring.

In a scene straight out of a classic law enforcement sting, operatives of a Philippine National Police (PNP) counter-intelligence task force wait for the signal that marked money had changed hands, then rush up a building in Quezon City to pounce on the subject of an extortion attempt.

The ultimate target of the sting operation: A fellow police officer who had attempted to fleece the parents of a young drug suspect for money in exchange for downgrading the charge that he was facing.

Police Senior Supt. Chiquito Malayo, Commander of the Counter-Intelligence Task Force, shared that the parents who are the complainants informed authorities that police officers had designated another person, obviously not a law enforcement officer, who would contact them to help facilitate the arrangements – in exchange for a fee of PhP50,000.

Eventually, they haggled the deal down to PhP15,000, in exchange for degrading the charge from selling shabu (crystal meth) to mere possession.

After the sting was sprung, it became clear that the civilian negotiator was merely acting on behalf of members of a police Station Drug Enforcement Unit (SDEU).

He wasted no time in unraveling the identity of his principals, who were assigned at QC Police Station No. 5.

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