It’s that time of the year when Robinsons holds its Giant Sale, Oct. 13 to 15

Image sourced from Robinsons Malls' Facebook page.

Just as quickly as October has arrived, Robinsons Malls turns up its mood a bit more festive and its tempo a bit faster as it brings back its all-out yearly 3-Day Giant Sale.

A much awaited shopping event, the mall-wide affair happens on October 13 to 15 with various participating tenants offering pre-holiday special deals. The shopping sale has been a huge crowd drawer for its patrons but Robinsons Malls gives tips on how shoppers can best go about their shopping in the most enjoyable way possible.

Here are a few tips to remember:

1. Make a list, check it twice
Shopping during a sale can be very inviting, which can result to overspending and buying stuff you don’t really need. To avoid this, make a list of the things you need to buy and make sure to check it. For Christmas gifts, make a list of the people who will receive those presents so you don’t buy the same items for them. If possible, have more than one option as your backup in case you aren’t able to find the first gift option on the list.

Robinsons Malls offers a wide array of stores and outlets where you can choose from the best brand. If you’re after a one stop shop experience, Robinsons Department Store (RDS) may just best option for you. Or for great finds and kawaii rush over Daiso.

2. Go and shop very early
Robinsons Malls’ 3-Day Giant Sale is the last sale of the year and hearing it can invite a lot of shoppers from all over. So come early to have more time to walk around the mall and buy all the things from your list. A good shopping plan will always result to finding unique and value for money finds. A good thing from shopping very early is that you also have the chance to get the best buys first from the different stores at super-discounted prices.

3. Fuel Up
Aside from making sure that your car is full tanked to take you to the mall and back to your home, you should also be filled to last the duration of your shopping spree. Though you may miss eating at some of the well-loved restaurants at Robinsons Malls, if you shop at an empty stomach, you may lack the energy you need to spot the best gifts for the holidays. Head to the mall pre-fueled to avoid the distraction brought about by hunger pains.

4. Take your time
Robinsons Malls’ Giant Sale affords you the chance to buy that perfect gift this Christmas. With a lot of great items up for grabs, you may feel that you need to buy them all in one day. But remember to take your time. The Giant Sale lasts for 3 days so you still have a lot of time to prepare and spot the best buys.

For more details about the three-day sale event, check Robinsons Malls’ Facebook page.