How the ‘most beautiful airport’ in Philippines came to be

The stunning interior of the soon-to-open Mactan-Cebu International Airport Terminal 2 has been revealed to the world. What has been dubbed as the "most beautiful...

The unsurprising aftermath of the Labor Union Festival

The loud partying affected locals to resident reptiles in La Union, where a stretch of the beach was littered with trash left behind by party goers.

It’s getting hot in here: Manila’s ‘extreme’ heat index level

Summer season is definitely upon the Philippines as the heat index of Manila reaches extreme levels. The Facebook page of Young Earth Scientists' Society released...

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These giants are Philippine treasures, but they also need help

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Downsides to China province’s visa-free offer to Filipinos

The offer does sound enticing but besides specific entry requirements, there are things Filipino travelers have to know.

Philippines has cherry blossoms as beautiful as Japan’s

What! Cherry blossoms in Cavite?! (Actually they've been in Palawan for years)
Surfer La Union

Can La Union handle waves of tourists from Boracay?

Could La Union be the new go-to party place after Boracay's popular week-long festival, known as LaBoracay, was canceled following the government's closure of...

Liberal Party members posing at a Holocaust memorial: Sense and sensibilities

The photo showing some of the LP's senior members did not seem to strike the right chord. Can it be defended?

The other hassle of owning a Philippine passport

There are at least 63 reasons Philippine passport holders can be thankful for. But there are more hassles than one.