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Liberal Party members posing at a Holocaust memorial: Sense and sensibilities

The photo showing some of the LP's senior members did not seem to strike the right chord. Can it be defended?

Booksale will not go gentle into that good night

Bibliophiles and book readers expressed their relief online that circulating rumors on long-time book chain Booksale Philippines’ supposed closure are just “fake news.” The management...

Nat’l artist, freedom fighter Lino Brocka inspires from heaven

MANILA, Philippines — It has been more than two decades since renowned filmmaker and activist Lino Brocka passed away. The days leading up to...

Rep’s ‘Arsenic and Old Lace’ shows how macabre family secrets can...

The dark comedy play was a hit on stage and ran for more than one thousand shows both in New York and London.

Pamulaan: An IP school thrives in Davao City

His goal is to maximize the students’ four years in college. “Magiging iba sila (We want them to be changed). When they graduate, they really become future leaders. Kasi ang pinaka-heart ng program namin dito is leadership (Because the heart of our program here is leadership).” It is a form of education that Abadiano believes is relevant to his students, who represent 24 ethnolinguistic groups this year.

LOOK | 7 Must-Visit Churches for Visita Iglesia this Holy Week

These churches in Metro Manila and nearby provinces are best known for their unique historical and miracle stories.

Japan’s amazing percussion group Drum Tao to perform at Shang this...

The group has headlined several standing ovations and sold-out shows from more than 7 million audiences in over 17 countries.

Finland is world’s happiest country, U.S. discontent grows: U.N. report

Taking the harsh, dark winters in their stride, Finns said access to nature, safety, childcare, good schools and free healthcare were among the best things about in their country.

Art Fair PH is full of whimsy—with a mega dose of...

Sculptures of winged trumpets and crocodile candelabras hide behind curtains; photos of weeping wives and bloodied corpses crowd each other in a darkened room.

Collect some uranium glass for that peaceful glow

The glass is slightly radioactive but the levels are about the same as electrical appliances like microwave ovens emit, so they represent no threat to health.